Electronic Literature

Sizes of the Works in the ELC

To assist in planning assignments, we have given a size indication to each work in the ELC. These designations are, of course, only approximations, since many of the works offer open-ended opportunities for playing with randomizing or algorithmic combinations. The designations reflect both the length of a work and the difficulties it offers for reading and comprehension. Following Rem Koolhaas, we have labeled the designations S (small), M (medium), L (large) and XL (extra-large). Small is about half an hour of reading/playing or less; Medium is one-half to one hours; Large is one-two hours; Extra-Large two hours plus. For thematically oriented assignments, the keyword list in the ELC provides useful groupings of works around a diverse collection of themes.


  • Jim Andrews, Nio
  • Jim Andrews, On Lionel Kearns
  • Ingrid Ankerson and Megan Sapner, Cruising
  • babel vs. escha, Urbanalities
  • Giselle Beiguelman, Code Movie 1
  • Philippe Bootz and Marcel Frémiot, The Set of U
  • J. R. Carpenter, The Cape
  • John Cayley, Windsound
  • Robert Kendall, Faith
  • Deena Larsen, Carving in Possibilities
  • Shawn Rider, myBALL
  • Brian Kim Stefans, The Dreamlife of Letters
  • Reinar Strasser and Alan Sondheim, Tao
  • Dan Waber, Strings
  • Dan Waber and Jason Pimble, I, You, We


  • Jim Andrews, Stir Fry Texts
  • Patrik-Heri Burgaud, Jean-Pierre Balpe ou les Lettres Dérangées
  • John Cayley, Translation
  • John Cayley, Wotclock
  • M. D. Coverley, Accounts of the Glass Sky
  • Sharif Ezzat, Like Stars in a Clear Night Sky
  • Edward Falco, Chemical Landscapes Digital Tales
  • Mary Flanagan, [The House]
  • Geniwate, Generative Poetry
  • Daniel C. Howe and Aya Karpinska, open-ended
  • Kerry Lowrynovicz, Girls' Day Out
  • Donna Leishman, Deviant: The Possession of Christian Shaw
  • Donna Leishman, RedRidinghood
  • Bill Marsh, Landscapes
  • Maria Mencia, Birds Singing Other Birds' Songs
  • Marko Niemi, Stud Poetry
  • Millie Niss, OuLiPoems
  • Kate Pullinger and babel, Inanimate Alice, Episode 1: China
  • Reinar Strasser and M. D. Coverley, ii—in the white darkness: about [the fragility of] memory
  • Reinar Strasser and Alan Sondeheim, Dawn


  • Geniwate, Rice
  • Loss Pequeño Glazier, White-faced Bromeliads on 20 Hectares
  • Kenneth Goldsmith, Soliloquy
  • Jon Ingold, All Roads
  • Shelley Jackson, My Body--A Wunderkammer
  • Michael Joyce, Twelve Blue
  • Talan Memmott, Self Portrait(s) [as Other(s)]
  • Stuart Moulthrop, Regan Library
  • Jason Nelson, Dreamaphage (Versions 1 and 2)
  • Lance Olson and Tim Guthrie, 10:01
  • William Poundstone, Project for Tachistoscope
  • Melinda Rackham and Damien Everett, Carrier (becoming Symborg)
  • Aaron A. Reed, Whom the Telling Changed
  • Jim Rosenberg, Diagrams Series 6: 6.4 and 6.10
  • Dan Shiovitz, Bad Machine
  • Emily Short, Galatea
  • Emily Short, Savoir-Faire
  • Brian Kim Stefans, Star Wars, One Letter at a Time
  • Noah Wardrip-Fruin, David Durand, Brion Moss, and Elaine Froehlich, Regime Change
  • Rob Wittig, Fall of the Site of Marsha
  • Nanette Wylde, Storyland


  • Richard Holeton, Frequently Asked Questions about “Hypertext”
  • Talan Memmott, Lexia to Perplexia
  • Judd Morissey, The Jew’s Daughter
  • Alan Sondheim, Internet Text