Electronic Literature

Reiner Strasser

Reiner Strasser is a new media curator and artist, and has been making digital art since 1996--often in collaboration. His website lists a few of the many exhibitions and publications his work has been featured in as "ArtOnLine (Brazil); frAme 5, trAce (UK); TEXT 2 (Australia); DOC(K)S "un notre web" (book and CD-ROM), Corse 2000; Net Art Guide (book and CD-ROM version), Frauenhofer Institut, Germany 2000; NOW Festival Nottingham, GB, 1999; E-POETRY festival, Buffalo/New York, 2001; medi@terra 01, Athens, 2001; II Mostra Interpoesia, São Paulo, 2001; COSIGN 2002, Augsburg, Germany; GA 2002, Milano; SeNef 2003, Korea; Computer Space Festival, Sofia 2003; several contributions to projects for the Biennale Venice, 1999, 2001, 2003; AJAC Art Exhibition, Metropolitan Art Museum, Tokyo, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005; FILE 2001, 2004, 2005, São Paulo."

On what drew him to the web (from an interview with turbulence.org:

I have been working with the computer since 1987. The kind of network at that time was of less interest for me. In 1996 a colleague at school (an english teacher) told me: "Look at the web. It can not be compared with what was before." I had a look. My "bottleneck" is that I can not stay on the medium without becoming creative. I began building a site (the art watchers - a biligual site for art and art&education). After meeting other artists on the Net (like i.e. Ted Warnell, Valery Grancher, and Tina LaPorta in 1997) I began to build my "pure" art site "Re:" (in english), which is still running.

Strasser was born 1954 in Antwerpen, Belgium. He studied art, art history and philosophy at the University of Mainz and currently lives in Wiesbaden, Germany.