Electronic Literature

Philippe Bootz

Bootz was born in France in May 1957. He has been writing programmed poetry since 1977, at which time he co-founded the collective L.A. I.R.E. and, in the same year, established the programmed review of digital poetry alire. He co-founded the collective Transitoire Observable in 2003. A poet and theorist, his works and papers have been published in different languages and shown in international publications, events, and conferences. He is a Doctor in Physics of the University Lille I, Doctor in Information and Communication of the University Paris 8, and Assistant Professor at the University Paris 8. He also is associated with the research laboratories Paragraphe and MIM (Laboratory of computing music) at Marseille. His theoretical articles include “L’art des formed programmés,” “Poésie numérique: la litérature dépasse-t-elle le text?,” “Construction du sens par les processus,” “Nuit de la poésie,” and “Vers un multimedia constraint et a-média.”