Electronic Literature

Jim Rosenberg

Jim Rosenberg began his long relationship with non-linear poetic forms in 1966 with a series of of poems called Word Nets. Since then, he has expanded his interest into numerous collections, works appearing in This, Tyuonyi, Interstate, Open Reading, Toothpick, Vort, and BUTTONS. On his earlier works:

The diagrams began as an effort to support word clusters, by analogy to the musical concept of tone clusters; because the juxtaposition of words in a cluster disrupted syntax, an alternate channel was necessary for syntax. The diagram concept has provided a rich ground for experimentation with structural concepts not present in ordinary syntax, including null relationships, feedback loops, and interior links. This body of work includes Diagrams Series 3 and Diagrams Series 4, originally published as ad hoc circulations printed on a dot-matrix printer and published on-demand by the author

Rosenberg graduated from Pomona College and The University of California, Berkley with degrees in Mathematics. After his foray into non-linear poetic forms, he extended his interest into hypertext: along with several collections of hypertext poetry, he published many essays on the subject--several receiving ACM nominations for best paper on the subject of hypertext. He currently lives in Grindstone, PA with his wife and co-experimenter, painter Mary Jean Kenton