Electronic Literature

Aaron A. Reed

Aaron A. Reed is a "graduate of the University of Utah Film Studies program" with a variety of work, including many"that have nothing to do with film." While primarily a writer of interactive fiction (most of which can be viewed at his website), he has also published fiction works such as "Shutdown/Retrovival" and Stairway to Pahoa.

On his Interactive Fiction, he notes:

In my IF, I’m interested in exploring the types of stories that are unique to this medium. Adam Cadre’s 9:05 is a story that really wouldn’t work as a movie, or a play, or a short story: the connection between the player and the protagonist and the conventions of the IF medium helped make that a unique and fascinating experience. I tried to create another such experience with my most recent game, “Whom the Telling Changed,” and though many might say I failed (including, oftentimes, myself) I learned a lot about the possibilities of the medium in the process.

Most of all I’m interested in trying new things and seeing what can and can’t be done with the medium.

His interests outside his work include astronomy, backpacking, role-playing, and caving.