Electronic Literature

Giles Perring

Giles Perring is a composer and musician who has worked on many new media projects. He received his MA from The University of East London in 1999. His most notable in new media is perhaps his collabrative work with John Cayley, what we will.... His most recent works include The Exchange and imposition , another collaboration with Cayley. Perring on the music in imposition:

The music for imposition is ultimately generated by events arising out of the transformations that occur within the text. These are the chance operations - themselves composed through John's programmed impositions - which govern how various predetermined features of the audio will ultimately play themselves out.

[...]Melanie and I made decisions as to how the text should be rendered phonetically based on a set of 'grabs' from an actual played-out version of imposition. Examining the original and transliterally morphed texts, we were able to determine, for example, a source and target for a particular syllable we were looking at, and thus decide on vocalization. At this point Melanie's performances of the text transform a hitherto dry process, very importantly, into the affecting and beautiful vocal loops that make up the music of imposition.