Electronic Literature

Jason Nelson

Nelson is from Oklahoma, but sadly—as he laments--doesn't live there now, though much of his work takes OK and the meaning of space and place as its subject matter, for example, Panhandle. He is an Associate Lecturer in CyberStudies at Griffith University (Australia). He earned his BA from the University of Oklahoma in cultural geography, and a MFA in New Media Writing from Bowling Green State University. Self-taught in software, a product and extension of his “isolated, amateur identity,” which he credits for his sense of experimentation, his regard for failure as a trial. His recent work reflects this spirit of adventure and play with titles such as Pix, pix, pick up sticks (and a hunting we will go), and Game, game, game, and again game. He has also devoted a great deal of effort to Hyperrhiz, a hypermedia literary journal. His work has appeared in a variety of print and online journals including Beehive (Brown University), Boomerang (UK), Epitome (Madrid), 3rdbed (NYC), Nowculture, and Blue Moon Review. His projects include Uncontrollable Semantics, Dreamaphage, Hymns of the Drowning Swimmer, and Promiscuous Design.