Electronic Literature

Deena Larsen

Majoring in English and Philosophy, Deena earned her BA in 1986 from the University of Northern Colorado, Greeley. Deena continued her education, composing the first electronic thesis submitted at the University of Colorado, Boulder--also CU’s first master’s thesis on hypertext, Hypertext and Hyperpossibilities; Deena received her MA in English in 1992.

Deena not only pioneeered electronic texts at the university, but she has been among the first electronic literature writers on the web. Her web works include “Firefly,” Poems that Go, 2002; ntruder, in New River, 2001; Shandean Ambles, Drunken boat, Fall, 2004; and The Princess Murderer with geniwate at the Iowa Review Web July 2003.

She now works as a web designer for a large government agency, and has developed internet policy and technical standards for online documentation.