Electronic Literature

Ingrid Ankerson

Ankerson graduated from the University of Maryland Baltimore County. and her book Good Scissors was the 2001 winner of the University of Baltimore Publishing Arts Award. She currently works as a graphic designer at The Neuron Farm Inc., a company that creates web-based educational software. Along with Megan Sapner, she is the co-founder and co-creator of PoemsThatGo.com, an online poetry journal that, the editors write, “explores the intersections between motion, sound, image, text, and code. The work we feature explores how language is shaped in new media spaces, how interactivity can change the meaning of a sign, how an image can conflict with a sign, and how code exerts machine-order on a text.” Some of her well-known works include “Cruising,” “Sinking,” While Chopping Red Peppers,” and “On the Life of Man.”