Electronic Literature

Jon Ingold

Jon has written four plays: “This One’s Thanks to Camla,” Three Figures at Creation,” “Abraham Lincoln and the Art of Faking It,” and “Paper Sunsets.” His production company has also completed two films: “Unblanced,” and “This is Text.” Wikipedia’s entry notes that “Jon Ingold's interactive fiction is notable for its interrogation of the relationship between the player-character and the player, and most of his games explore this notion in one way or another.” Stories that have been nominated for or received awards are: “FailSafe” (2000) (the player responds to a distres signal from a wrecked ship and tries to save as many lives as possible), “All Roads” (2001) (the story/game begins with the player about to be hanged), “Till Death Makes a Monkfish Out of Me (with Mike Sousa) (player has a bad day in an undersea lab), and “My Angel” (2000) (player tries to navigate a coherent and fulfilling love story).

Longer pieces are more like puzzles. “The Mulldoon Legacy” (1999) (player searches grandfather’s museum to claim inheritance); the follow-up, “The Mulldoon Murders” (2002) features the player as detective trying to find a character wandering in the Mulldoon museum. Recently, his game “Dead Cities” (2007) won Best in Show in the Lovecraft Commonplace Book Exhibition, and will be displayed along with four other games at the Museum of Science-Fiction and Utopia, Switzerland.