Electronic Literature

Tim Guthrie

Raised in Nebraska, Tim received a B.F.A. in Painting/Drawing/Photography from Creighton University, and earned his M.F.A. in Painting/Sculpting/Computer Imaging at the University of Idaho. Trying to represent Tim biographically is a bit ironic as much of his creative work is portraiture, which he describes as “illuminating biographies as much as they are visual representations.” He groups his work under the rubrics “Shrines,” “Paintings,” “Icons,” and “Encaustic.” As the titles suggest, for Tim, “Devotional imagery serves functions that can be summarized in three words: instruction, veneration and remembrance, all of which are important to my work. This format serves as biography, time capsule and reliquary, where the ultimate goal is to pay homage to the subject.” In addition to his electronic pieces, Tim works in traditonal media (e.g., canvas, oil, wax). He has received numerous regional, national, and international awards and fellowships for his wor, including third place among 56 submissions for his animated short film “Recalling Trinity” in the Italian-based aniMOweb Fourth edition interactive animation contest. Tim is currently Associate Professor of Graphic Design and Visual Communications at Creighton University. About Given: The Curiosity:

“I am a mixed media artist who works in a variety of media. Much my work is interactive and somewhat voyeuristic. The viewer must physically interact with the work in order to peer into the subject matter’s life and gain knowledge of his/her personal world. This piece, which is also interactive, allows the viewer to literally become a voyeur or peeping-tom. The act of admiring the nude form has a long history, as does 3-D softcore pornography. This specific piece explores that idea. It was originally created for "XXXposed" which is an annual exhibit in Reno, NV. The annual exhibitions utilizes exotic dancers of the region as well as various other models related to the project.”