Electronic Literature

Jim Andrews

Andrews is a poet-programmer and sound artist. He received degrees in English and math in the late 1970’s and 1980’s, after which he had a radio show entitled Fine Lines that explored audio writing, sound poetry, and other experimental literary genres. Working for a time as a freelance programmer and technical writer in Seattle, where he moved in 1997, he also played percussionist in several bands and sponsored a weekly poetry series “Mocambopo.” By 2000 he was spending fulltime developing his web art. His work spans several genres, from Artoids, a literary computer game that creates and destroys texts, to Flash-based interactive poem-texts, visual poetry, and music. His work, he writes, “explores the new media possibilities of poetry, and seeks to synthesize the poetical with other arts and media.” He currently lives in Victoria, British Columbia. Comparing his website to Walt Whitman’s many versions of Leaves of Grass, he remarks, “Vispo.com is my ‘book.’ And it isn’t a book at all, but, hopefully, something you can experience as many times as you like and find different things each time.”