Electronic Literature

Damien Everett

Everett received a Master’s of Art by Research Degree in the late 1990’s from the Animation and Interactive Media Department of RMIT University in Melbourne Australia for his project entitled “Interactive Sonic Intelligence Systems.” The project synopsis describes it as the creation of “applications of adaptive, intelligent evolving music systems for interactive composition and performance through real world (concert/dance/theatre) and virtual domains (film/video/internet/intranet/games/CD-rom).” Everett has contributed Java programming and sound art to a number of projects, including “Fog Eyes,” which can be found at http://www.abc.net.au/arts/strange/credits.htm. He is also credited with being AI Director and Java programmer of “Movatar” (2006), the “inverse motion capture system” that allows an avatar to move a physical body, conceptualized and performed by Stelarc.