Electronic Literature

Martha Deed

Deed graduated from the New School for Social Research in 1964 and earned a Ph.D. in psychology from Boston University in 1969. In 1971, she became a licensed psychologist in New York State, where she had an active career that included extensive editing, publishing and research. In 2002, she retired from membership in the American Psychological Association and from the field of psychology. In addition to her many publications, lectures, and conference presentations in psychology, she also has numerous print fiction, poetry, and nonfiction publications to her credit. By 2002 she was creating web works, including “Toilet” (2003), and “The Vic-20, Resurrected by my Mother” (2002) in collaboration with Millie Niss, “Statement” (2003), “Birth of a Fawn” (2003), and “Deedsquare.”